Burghof e.V. nursing home in Schönebeck/Elbe

Eingangsbereich Haus Dorothea © Dagmar Welz

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Der kleine Hof © Dagmar Welz

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Parkansicht © Dagmar Welz

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Eingangsbereich Haus Dorothea © Dagmar Welz

Der kleine Hof © Dagmar Welz

Parkansicht © Dagmar Welz

Task was it, for the entire complex of the plant,
with its existing old listed buildings and the supplementing again planned dwelling houses an overall concept for the free space and the traffic-technical development and binding to compile.
The object planning took place in several construction phases and was likewise furnished by my office for the free plant planning and for the traffic-technical planning, in all achievement phases.

To the object several dwelling houses, farm buildings and an administration building belong.
The property is traversed by the old city wall and stands under monument protection.
One of the special challenges consisted with this project in
the contemporary requirements of the users, with a handicapped-fair and fastidious organization, under consideration of necessary conditions for a smooth operational sequence, the editions of the preservation of historical monuments, the nature protection and the urban development to become fair. As part of the design of disabled-friendly traffic and open spaces, a garden for dementia, a herb garden, touch and scent beds, etc. were created.

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Planning offices

Dagmar Welz Landschaftsarchitekturbüro

Dagmar Welz, Landschaftsarchitektin
Ilka Barthel, Bauingenieurin

2,8 ha

Diakonieverein e.V.

Burghof 1
39218 Schönebeck/Elbe

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Project type
Parks and green spaces
Open spaces for business and public facilities
Traffic facilities
Planning of garden memorial care, park maintenance works
Redevelopment of (historic) open spaces