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Bosch & Partner GmbH © Bosch & Partner GmbH

Bosch & Partner GmbH © Bosch & Partner GmbH

Our projects are exclusively interdisciplinary. Our employees come from the fields of landscape planning and landscape architecture, landscape ecology, biology, geography, agricultural sciences, soil science and water protection.
The core competencies are supplemented by long-term partners in the network on a project-specific basis.
Our focus is on the support and qualification of spatial planning and infrastructure projects. Project-related examples are the environmental impact study, landscape conservation plans as well as species protection expert contributions and FFH impact assessments for transport, energy and other projects. Spatial examples are landscape plans for the land use plan, municipal and regional energy concepts or the designation of priority sites for the use of wind and solar energy. The strategic environmental assessment is the subject of our work in urban land use planning, regional planning and state planning, lignite planning, federal transport route planning and water management planning.
With the preparation of environmental expert opinions on the expansion of 'renewable energies', we have developed a new field of activity. Especially in the fields of wind power, photovoltaic systems and bioenergy we have carried out application-related research with reference to environmental planning as well as project-related expert opinions.

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