Wind energy concept of the joint municipality Nenndorf Project-related planning and public relations

Windenergiekonzept der Samtgemeinde Nenndorf © 2015 Sei LandschaftsArchitekturbüro Georg von Luckwald

Windenergiekonzept der Samtgemeinde Nenndorf © 2015 Sei LandschaftsArchitekturbüro Georg von Luckwald

Preparation of an expert wind energy concept and designation of the concentration zones in the F-Plan

Elaboration of hard and soft exclusion criteria, determination of concentration zones, coordination of avifaunistic investigations, preparation of environmental report and species protection expert opinion, supervision of the amendment procedure, public relations work.

Continuous orientation towards current case law and draft decrees, comprehensive explanations on the protection of bird species.

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Planning offices

LandschaftsArchitekturbüro Georg von Luckwald

Project period
2012 - 2014

ca. 119 ha

Construction amount

Samtgemeinde Nenndorf


31542 Samtgemeinde Nenndorf

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Project type
Biotope network and species protection concepts
Land use and development planning