Design concept for the extension of the A7 motorway

Gestaltungskonzept zum Ausbau der BAB A7 © RS

Gestaltungskonzept zum Ausbau der BAB A7 © RS

Design concept for the reconstruction and new construction of noise protection facilities

Between the Kassel Süd junction and the Kassel Ost junction, the A7 motorway was widened to 8 lanes over a length of 6.2 km. The focus of a design concept for existing and new noise protection facilities was on the design of adjacent residential areas and road spaces. By moving some of the existing noise barriers towards the motorway, these spaces were opened up and illuminated by the extensive use of glass elements, thus increasing the overall quality of living and the quality of stay. The necessary elevation of existing facilities was also done with glass elements. The design elements used create a local reference to the city and landscape of Kassel. This is achieved by a wavy line worked into the concrete pore elements, symbolising the topography of the Kassel basin and the Kassel hills. In contrast, straight lines are used to characterize Kassel's urban form. The architecture that characterizes the cityscape is symbolized by the ridge lines of the Druselturm, Fridericianum and Marstall. Both line elements contrast in content and form, but come closer together in their colour design. This achieves a structural contrast with simultaneous color identity, giving the overall facility in conjunction with existing space grid walls and newly placed gabions a restrained rhythm.

Edited as project manager of the Bosch

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