Skatpark Kigali, Rwanda

Skatepark Kigali, Rwanda

With the construction of a multifunctional skate park on the grounds of the SOS Children's Village Kigali, a place was created for the children and young people of the capital where they have the opportunity to spend their free time meaningfully in a protected environment.

The skate park, which was ceremoniously opened in April 2016, is primarily used by the children of the adjacent primary school of the SOS Children's Village. There, 650 pupils are taught. 75 girls and boys from the children's village and the neighbourhood attend the SOS Kindergarten. But also the children and young people who have no relation to the SOS Children's Village can use the multifunctional skate park in their free time. The boys and girls are introduced to skateboarding by a skate-aid volunteer and can regularly take part in skateboard training. skate-aid also provides the necessary skate equipment, such as skateboards, protective gear, helmets and hardware, which the children can borrow on site.

The skatepark has created a meeting place for children and young people who want to have fun together and learn from each other. Origin, religion or skin color no longer play a role. What counts much more is their own motivation to surpass themselves in sports, the cohesion in the group and the enthusiasm for skateboarding.

Through skating, the children and young people develop a whole new self-confidence, community awareness, personal responsibility and determination - all qualities that let you go strong and independent into the future.

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