GAK lead project "Wuhletal biotope network Concept of measures for the area around Kienberg, Wuhletal and Jelena Šantić Peace Park for the establishment of an eco-account as part of the city-wide compensation concept

GAK-Leitprojekt „Biotopverbund Wuhletal“ © 2018 Planungsbüro Förster

GAK-Leitprojekt „Biotopverbund Wuhletal“ © 2018 Planungsbüro Förster

The Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection (SenUVK) is currently developing a city-wide compensation strategy based on the city-wide compensation concept (GAK) of the Berlin Landscape Programme (LaPro) and the Species Protection Programme in order to accelerate the development of urban housing projects. The aim is to establish a Berlin eco-account.

One component of the Berlin eco-account are the so-called "GAK lead projects" of which the "Biotopverbund Wuhletal" is one.

Together with the "thematic programmes" and the "production-integrated compensation (PIK)" by upgrading existing land uses, the GAK lead projects form the conceptual basis of the planned eco-account.

The establishment of an eco-account offers the opportunity to develop interconnected landscape areas in a targeted manner and thus, among other things, also the biotope network. In addition, the area backdrops are secured in the course of the development of the eco-account measures first by Senate resolution and finally at the moment of allocation to the development plan.

The central control of the eco-account is carried out by SenUVK. The implementation is to be implemented via measure carriers of the state of Berlin (e.g. Berliner Forsten, Stiftung Naturschutz Berlin and Grün Berlin GmbH).

For the area, a care and development plan commissioned by Grün Berlin GmbH has already been available since 2015, which was also prepared by the planning office Förster. This plan contains a detailed, coordinated concept of measures for the care and development of the area. This maintenance and development plan forms the basis for the development of an implementation-oriented catalogue of measures, the measures of which are to become part of the Berlin eco-account.

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Planning offices

Planning office Förster

Project period
2018 - 2019

Grün Berlin GmbH
Ullsteinhaus, 3. OG
Mariendorfer Damm 1
12099 Berlin