Heubastion, Rostock

Heubastion © 2018 hannes hamann landschaftsarchitekten

Heubastion © 2018 hannes hamann landschaftsarchitekten

The planning area comprises an area of approx. 7500m² in the ramparts of Rostock. The area is a registered garden monument. The area is located in the area of the hay bastion and is limited in the north by the city wall, in the south the processing area is limited by the retaining wall at the embankment foot of the ramparts. There the lower walkway with the rampart ditch connects. The basis for the design were the findings and specifications from the monument preservation objectives. This resulted in the dismantling of the existing stairways and supporting structures and the restoration of the original form of the hay bastion with the surrounding planted embankments.
In order to connect the paths at the foot and shoulder of the embankment, a new stairway was planned in the transition area of the embankment at the upper rampart to the hay bastion.
After extensive earthworks, the new level of the hay bastion was modelled as a level surface, which slopes slightly down to the city wall. The new path runs in a U-shape along the shoulder of the embankment with a straight connecting path.
This creates two green areas, the southern of which was designed as a grass and shrub planting. The northern green area was designed as a lawn for universal use.
The paths on the hay bastion receive a combination of water-bound cover and reading stone paving.
The existing one sandstone figure by Peter Michael was revised and reinstalled in the new planting area. The history and development of the ramparts and the hay bastion was depicted in a new stele.

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hannes hamann landschaftsarchitekten

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Hansestadt Rostock über RGS

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Parks and green spaces
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