Municipal Museum, Wismar

Städtisches Museum © 2018 hannes hamann landschaftsarchitekten

Städtisches Museum © 2018 hannes hamann landschaftsarchitekten

The unique overall complex of the Museum Quarter is located in the city centre of Wismar, which has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is a listed building. The complex includes an inner and an outer courtyard, which are used by the museum as recreation and event areas. The inner courtyard is made of natural stone both in the floor coverings and in the generous staircase in front of the new connecting building. This can be used as a stage for events.
The outdoor courtyard is characterized by a central lawn, which is framed by a circumferential path. Benches inscribed in the front planting of the wall provide seating for staff and visitors. An art relief stored on site permanently complements the garden in the southwestern part.

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Planning offices

hannes hamann landschaftsarchitekten

Other planning stakeholders
angelis+partner, Architekten Wismar

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Hansestadt Wismar

Project type
Open spaces for business and public facilities