School at the swan pond, Rostock

Schule am Schwanenteich © 2017 hannes hamann landschaftsarchitekten

Schule am Schwanenteich © 2017 hannes hamann landschaftsarchitekten

With 220 students and a catchment area in and around Rostock, the Förderzentrum am Schwanenteich is a nationally important educational institution. The school is located close to the city centre at Kuphahlstraße 78, directly next to the Schwanenteich Park, which is protected as a garden monument. In addition to the school building, the Förderzentrum also includes an area of approximately 1 hectare with a schoolyard, access roads and surrounding green areas. For school and leisure sports, a compact multi-purpose playing field for different types of balls, a running track for sprints up to 100m as well as a shot-put and long jump facility were implemented. The new schoolyard offers different age groups both extensive sports and play facilities as well as suitable retreat areas.
Fire brigade parking areas, access to the schoolyard and parking spaces were arranged on the north side. The schoolyard has been developed as a generous paved area for a variety of activities (games, parties, assemblies, etc.) and punctuated by polygonal green islands with an edging of seating blocks.A large pole play structure is located in the center of the schoolyard. A new canopy made of coloured safety glass provides shelter in the schoolyard even in bad weather. New plantings of various tree species further loosen up the areas and support the formation of small spaces.
On the border to the recreation center, the height jump of about 2m was intercepted by a newly modeled slope and planted with shrubs.

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hannes hamann landschaftsarchitekten

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