City harbour, Rostock

Stadthafen © 2018 hannes hamann landschaftsarchitekten

Stadthafen © 2018 hannes hamann landschaftsarchitekten

The Rostock city harbour, consisting of a silo and a wooden peninsula, has been successively renewed for several years and developed both in terms of open space planning and urban development. The concept provides for the consistent restriction to a few materials and is intended to convey simplicity and clarity. The surfaces are paved with large pavers, promenades stand out with a covering of large-format concrete slabs. Staircases and decks made of high-quality wood mediate between the ground floor level of the buildings and the open spaces. City squares are paved with concrete paving and water-bound surfaces. A guidance system was integrated at the quay edge.

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Planning offices

hannes hamann landschaftsarchitekten

Project period


Hansestadt Rostock, Deutsche Immobilie AG, Aida Cruises

Project type
Open spaces for business and public facilities
Squares, promenades, pedestrian areas