House of Music, Rostock

Haus der Musik © 2019 hannes hamann landschaftsarchitekten

Haus der Musik © 2019 hannes hamann landschaftsarchitekten

The Haus der Musik is a modern school centre for musical children and youth work in Rostock. It houses two Rostock music schools and a rehearsal room for the North German Philharmonic Orchestra. The classicist, four-storey school building from 1867 is a listed building.
The open space between Michaeliskloster and Stadtschule am Rosengarten was constructed as a paved courtyard with a uniform material of used polygonal natural stone paving. Large format granite slabs tie in the barrier-free accesses.
The courtyard can be accessed from the west, east and via the three entrances from the building. Uniformly paved large areas adjacent to the buildings serve as open space for concerts, movie screenings or parties. Granite blocks with wood overlays are used as seating for outdoor events.
Bicycle parking also creates a separation from the driveway and parking areas to the east, but does not cancel out the spaciousness of the courtyard.
To the west, the property is delineated with a fence of vertical flat steel sections. The result is an interplay of views into the courtyard and a sense of enclosure along the street.
On the west side, a two-story structural addition is possible. The area was initially constructed as a simple grass ramp. The center of the open space is a grove of mock acacias over an oval lawn edged with a wide granite step.
A green amenity area has been created under a canopy of trees with seating and the inclusion of a piece of art owned by the Conservatory, which is used extensively by students, teachers and visitors.

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hannes hamann landschaftsarchitekten

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Eigenbetrieb Kommunale Objektbewirtschaftung und -entwicklung der Hansestadt Rostock