Residential complex Petrihof, Rostock

Wohnanlage Petrihof © 2015 hannes hamann landschaftsarchitekten

Wohnanlage Petrihof © 2015 hannes hamann landschaftsarchitekten

The Warnow housing cooperative built a residential complex with 120 rental apartments, underground parking and spacious gardens in the Petriviertel district between the Warnow River and the eastern Old Town of the Hanseatic City of Rostock. The inner courtyard was realised as an extensive roof greening on the roof of the underground car park and is divided into the sub-areas square - park - tenant gardens. The fortifications decrease with the intensity of use from west to east.
Along the publicly dedicated path connection across the courtyard is a small fortified square with art, seating and a pergola. Adjacent to the east is a generous park area with views of the riverside park and the Warnow River. Slab paths provide barrier-free access to the courtyard exits of the buildings. Courtyard surfaces, paths, terraces and eaves strips were uniformly constructed with large-format granite slabs. Steps mediate the differences in height between the courtyard area, the public street space and the adjacent landscape. The communal courtyard slopes slowly from west to east to the existing level to the east. Here a terracing of the terrain is achieved by flat seat walls. A pergola as a light steel construction accentuates the western square area.
The ventilation towers of the underground car park were executed in the same design. Benches, seating, wastebaskets and bicycle racks are coordinated with this and are part of the furniture in the courtyard area. A playground for small children in the courtyard picks up the theme of the former fishermen's settlement.
Terraces and tenant gardens were separated from the communal courtyard by hedges and planted areas. Lawns, perennials, shrubs and trees ensure that the inner courtyard is green without blocking the view of the water.

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WG Warnow Rostock-Warrnemünde e.G.

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