Kindergarden in Scherenbergstraße (Berlin) in Berlin Pankow

Kita nach Fertigstellung © 2018 Stephan Buddatsch TOPOS

Kita nach Fertigstellung © 2018 Stephan Buddatsch TOPOS

The company Klax gGmbH seeks to refurbish and expand an existing day care center for children, which is located in the Berlin district of Pankow. The
realization took place in two construction phases. At the same time, also the external facilities are to be redesigned.
The design shall be robust and not too maintenance-intensive. It is important for the children to draw a clear orientation resulting from unambiguous transitions. The senses of the children should be addressed in a variety of ways - through topography, different materials, natural plant experience areas, water, natural gardens and experimental areas. In addition, a hut for the storage of materials as well as a shelter should be proposed to complement the concept. A circular path with a paved surface for scootering should be offered.

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Planning offices


Project period
2014 - 2018

Klax gGmbH

Scherenbergstraße 1
10439 Berlin