Schaumburg Hospital

Klinikum Schaumburg © TOPOS

Klinikum Schaumburg © TOPOS

Design of the open spaces for a large clinic site consisting of three structures.
Accompanying the clinic was the entire development, a large parking facility, a
helicopter landing pad and all fire protection facilities in the outdoor
A driveway centrally aligned with the entrance area will provide access to the clinic for visitors
and patients.
The planned clinic is to be integrated into extensive meadow areas with intensive tree planting
with a forest-like character. The site will be bordered on the eastern and
southern edges by strips of semi-natural field copses, some of which will stand on a rampart or
modeled site elevation.

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Planning offices


Project period
2013 - 2018

Krankenhausprojektgesellschaft mbH,
Projektsteuerung Temak

Zum Schaumburger Klinikum 1
31863 Obernkirchen