Schaumburg Clinic

Klinikum Schaumburg © TOPOS

Klinikum Schaumburg © TOPOS

Design of the open spaces for a large clinic site consisting of three buildings.

As part of the clinic, the entire development, a large parking lot, a

helipad and all fire protection facilities in the outdoor areas


The clinic is accessed for visitors
and patients via a central driveway aligned to the entrance area.
and patients.

The planned clinic is to be integrated into extensive meadow areas with intensive tree planting

with a forest-like character. The site will be bordered on the eastern and southern

southern edges with strips of near-natural copses, some of which stand on a rampart or a

terrain elevation

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Planning offices


Project period
2013 - 2018

Krankenhausprojektgesellschaft mbH,
Projektsteuerung Temak

Zum Schaumburger Klinikum 1
31863 Obernkirchen