Troisdorf Gallery at Wilhelm-Hamacher-Platz


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A new crowd puller for Troisdorf: RKW has planned and realized a new shopping center at Wilhelm-Hamacher-Platz for the investor HBB. The Galerie Troisdorf is directly connected to the pedestrian zone and, as a north-south passage, creates a new shopping axis between Kölner Straße and the Kaufland hypermarket. Together with GTL landscape architects, not only the shopping center but also
all outdoor facilities were redesigned. The ground-level, single-storey and slightly curved interior passage offers retail, gastronomy and service offers on both sides, a textile and a drugstore market are located on a second level, in addition, an entertainment electronics provider is directly connected to the ground floor by escalator.
The facade of the shopping center is characterized by whitewashed clinker, which corresponds to the inner-city environment by its quiet architectural language. A structural feature:
The existing underground car park at the construction site - the former town hall of the city - was retained and modernised despite the demolition of the standing buildings. This provides the gallery with around 350 comfortable parking spaces. In total, the Galerie Troisdorf provides retail space of around 8,000 m².

Open spaces
As a fundamental urban structure, a new connecting axis, in the form of a band of paving, runs from the north through the shopping centre to the south.
The paving in the shopping centre differs here from the paving surface outside, which stands out in the dark shade of the concrete paving facing material. The surfaces of the Wilhelm-Hamacher-Platz are paved with concrete paving in a row bond.
On the underground car park surface, the paving is laid in bonded construction. The tree planting is framed at the level of Wilhelm-Hamacher-Platz in a 45 cm high wooden deck with flat steel edging.
In the triangular wooden deck, which is rounded at the edges, a perennial bed (grass field) and an area for the displaced existing fountain dome are provided in addition to the tree bed.

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Planning offices

GTL Michael Triebswetter

Other planning stakeholders
RKW Architektur +, Düsseldorf (DE), Leipzig (DE), Münster (DE), München (DE), Berlin (DE)

Project period
04/2013 - 10/2013

5.000 qm

Construction amount
750.000 EUR


53840 Troisdorf

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