New construction of Wustermark residential and care center

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© 2021 TOPOS

The open space planning has the objective of integrating the future buildings and the associated development as optimally as possible into the existing context. For this purpose
the new development receives an intensive green design with a garden-like part and a green "frame", which encloses the property.
Framed by the two main bodies results in a central area, which is designed more intensively. It includes, in the northern part, the forecourt with driveway, main entrance and
event/community area.
Divided by the connecting corridor, the patient garden follows on the south side.
On the west side, important functional areas such as parking spaces, waste disposal area and technical structures (supply and exhaust air structure) are arranged.
The remaining part of the property on the north, east and south sides is characterized by generous lawns, which are divided by individual trees and hedge strips. In addition to the open spaces, the development / path connection and the required
parking spaces are also produced.

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Planning offices


Project period
2020 - 2021

6.300 m²

Sweco GmbH

Ketziner Straße 19
14641 Nauen

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Project type
Open spaces for business and public facilities