Expansion of Charisma University and Research Center Ingolstadt, foundry site

Hochschule Innenhof © 2011 Peter Boerboom BEM

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Forschungszentrum Charisma © 2011 Peter Boerboom BEM

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Park mit Baumbestand © 2012 Peter Boerboom BEM

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Entwurf Hochschule Charisma © 2009 BEM

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Hochschule Innenhof © 2011 Peter Boerboom BEM

Forschungszentrum Charisma © 2011 Peter Boerboom BEM

Park mit Baumbestand © 2012 Peter Boerboom BEM

Entwurf Hochschule Charisma © 2009 BEM

The concept for the development of the old foundry site, including the expansion of the university within the historic fortress ring of Ingolstadt's old town, is based on the winning competition design (together with Klein Sänger 2009). The overall development of the foundry site is being funded as part of the urban development program.

The university buildings of the first construction phase form an urban ensemble with the old foundry hall, which creates a coherent connection to the city center with the central university square. Towards the glacis, a green, landscaped campus was created, incorporating the existing large trees.

The construction site of the university extension is divided into 5 independent components that can be realized independently.

The Carissma research center (crash hall, autonomous driving) is located almost centrally between the glacis and the extension building. An appropriately wide open space separates the two buildings, which was designed as a quiet lawn with loosely planted trees. To the south and east, a species-rich meadow area with individual tree plantings forms the transition to the glacis. The historic course of the wall runs right through the green space, which is echoed in the design.

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Planning offices

BEM Burkhardt | Engelmayer | Mendel

Irene Burkhardt, Dipl.-Ing. LA, BYAK
Oliver Engelmayer, Dipl.-Ing. LA, BYAK
Jasmin Grubwinkler, Dipl.-Ing. LA, BYAK
Martin Spiekermann, Dipl.-Ing. Landespflege

Other planning stakeholders
Klein + Sänger Architekten

Project period
2009 - 20019

Construction amount
2,3 Mio Euro

Staatliches Hochbauamt Ingolstadt

Esplanade 10
85049 Ingolstadt
Deutschland, Bayern

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Project type
Traffic facilities
Squares, promenades, pedestrian areas
Open spaces for business and public facilities
Parks and green spaces