A new quarter for Weißensee

Blick auf die Gärten und den Spielplatz © 2021 Lichtschwaermer

Blick auf die Gärten und den Spielplatz © 2021 Lichtschwaermer

In the Weißensee district of Berlin Pankow, a modern residential quarter with 5 buildings in timber construction has been created on an area of 0.7 ha. Three buildings are reserved for a cooperative, another residential building contains condominiums.

With its different residential typologies, Quartier Weißensee offers space for the various needs of residents and all age groups. With reference to various elements of the adjacent urban spaces, such as the cemetery, street and school, public spaces and private retreat areas have been created for the different usage requirements.

A spacious, square-like area emphasizes the urban character and is multifunctional (e.g. for gastronomy, events, games and as a meeting place). The first floor uses, such as a restaurant or the neighborhood kitchen, further enliven the open spaces. The communal areas thus offer opportunities to spend time and socialize and open up the district to its neighbors.

The apartments on the first floors are fronted by small private gardens enclosed by pergolas.

Another aim of the planning was to create multifunctional open spaces that meet the technical requirements and at the same time offer a high quality of stay. For example, they combine fire station areas with urban plazas and play areas.

Exercise facilities such as the climbing box or the play tower provide incentives for motor development and children's play.

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