Danakil climate zone world in ega-Park Erfurt Desert and jungle house

Wüsten- und Urwaldhaus © 2021 Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten

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Wüsten- und Urwaldhaus © 2021 Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten

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Wüsten- und Urwaldhaus © 2021 Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten

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Wüsten- und Urwaldhaus © 2021 Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten

Wüsten- und Urwaldhaus © 2021 Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten

Wüsten- und Urwaldhaus © 2021 Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten

In the center of the park, on the site of the former central restaurant of the ega-Park, the Danakil Climate Zone World was created in a spacious hall. It takes its name from the Danakil Desert in Ethiopia. Formerly fertile land and the cradle of mankind, this desert is now one of the most hostile areas in the world. On their journey through the Danakil climate zone world, visitors vividly experience the existential interactions between environmental conditions and habitats.

A tour leads through glistening dry valleys, sand and salt deserts, past cacti and other plants that are adapted to the extreme habitats. After passing a "weather divide", you enter the lush, humid world of the tropical rainforest, full of typical plants such as hemiparasites and epiphytes. Footbridges and suspension bridges guide you safely over misty chasms and watercourses. Various animal species can also be seen, whose enclosures have been integrated into the artificial rock formations and plantings so that they are virtually invisible to the visitor. Outside the hall, visitors can wander through a "climate forest" of special tree species and learn interesting facts about their remarkable adaptation strategies against heat and lack of water. Next to the tub garden of exotic beauties are the garden terraces of today's Danakil Restaurant with the plant-themed "climate rings", which mediate between the ultra-modern hall and the historic park grounds.

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Planning offices

Rehwaldt Landscape Architects

S. Fauck, C. Schreckenbach, H. Kunath

Other planning stakeholders
Henchion + Reuter Architekten, Berlin

Project period

2 ha

Erfurter Garten- und Ausstellungs gemeinnützige GmbH (ega)


99094 Erfurt

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Prices & Awards
interdisziplinärer nichtoffener Wettbewerb mit vorgeschaltetem VOF Teilnahmewettbewerb und anschließenden Verhandlungsgesprächen 2016
1. Rang

Project type
Parks and green spaces
Green roofs, facades and interiors
Garden exhibitions