Swan pond Mittweida Redesign of playgrounds

© 2017 Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten

© 2017 Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten

As part of the park renovation, two new playgrounds were created in the historic Mittweida swan pond area, which significantly increase the quality of stay and attractiveness of the green area and the Schwanenschlösschen restaurant. Spatially separated from each other, they offer a variety of play options for different age groups.

There is a particular focus on teaching children about energy and ecology in a playful and child-friendly way. The play equipment is predominantly made of wood, with distinctive rubber applications in the form of differently shaped leaves creating an unmistakable character.

Oak slide, beech nest, chestnut seesaw and climbing maple are playable knowledge mediators. Foldable "info sheets" convey topics such as energy generation, sustainability and eco-balance for both younger children and teenagers. Energy generation can also be experienced in practice. By turning a crank, even the youngest children can generate light and illuminate the tree house. Older children can try their hand at the turntable. The energy generated by the movement supplies the e-bank with power, and the built-in loudspeaker can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. This also guarantees the right sound for playing.

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Planning offices

Rehwaldt Landscape Architects

S. Fauck, C. Schreckenbach, M. Hoffmann, F. Bergander, S. Hübner, T. Josteit

Project period

6,4 ha

Stadtverwaltung Mittweida

Am Schwanenteich 1
09648 Mittweida

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Project type
Playgrounds, e.g. at childcare centers and schools
Parks and green spaces
Redevelopment of (historic) open spaces
Public participation / moderation