Framework concept for the Wedeler Au Regional Park Model project of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region

2011 aufgestellte Info-Tafel © 2012 schaper büro ssr

2011 aufgestellte Info-Tafel © 2012 schaper büro ssr

The Regional Park Wedeler Au extends in the west of the Hamburg metropolitan region over the landscape and secluded areas of Hamburg-Altona and five neighbouring municipalities. It is the first transnational regional park of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein as a model project for the Hamburg metropolitan region.
The framework concept of the Wedeler Au / Rissen-Sülldorfer Feldmark regional park was developed from 2005 to 2008 as a landscape planning report. The work process was accompanied by a large number of discussion and coordination rounds with all stakeholders - municipalities, nature conservation associations, leisure organisations.

The regional park aims to secure and enhance urban and regional open spaces in the sense of sustainable landscape development. The core idea is based on the Hamburg landscape axis model, according to which the open spaces located between settlement and transport axes are to be secured and qualitatively upgraded.

- Local recreation and environmental quality as a stimulus for regional development
- Protection, maintenance and development of nature and landscape as a location quality
- Strengthening of the regional economic power through tourism and leisure industry
- Cultural landscape development
- Implementation and concretisation of the objectives of the regional development concept (REK)

The framework concept is based on the following work steps:
- Area-wide inventory and evaluation
- Presentation of conflicts, deficits and potentials
- Development of a guiding principle as well as identification of focal points for measures and development of a catalogue of measures

The landscape planning report on the framework concept was completed in 2008. It serves as a central working basis on which individual measures can be implemented step by step.

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Planning offices

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Andrea Beran
Berit Hinrichs
Volker Lehmberg (bis 2008)
Hartmut Schaper
Lothar Steffen

Project period
2005 - 2008 / fortlaufend

5.130 ha

Stadt Wedel - Fachbreich Bauen und Umwelt, Fachdienst Stadt- und Landschaftsplanung - in Kooperation mit dem Bezirksamt Hamburg-Altona, Fachamt Stadt- und Landschaftsplanung


Appen, Hamburg, Holm, Pinneberg, Schenefeld, Wedel

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Project type
Tourism development and recreation planning