Neckar shore Zabermündung gravel gardens | Lauffen a.N.

Kiesgärten © 2019 LUZ Landschaftsarchitektur

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Kiesgärten © 2019 LUZ Landschaftsarchitektur

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Neckarufer © 2013 LUZ Landschaftsarchitektur

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Festwiese © 2013 LUZ Landschaftsarchitektur

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Kiesgärten © 2019 LUZ Landschaftsarchitektur

Kiesgärten © 2019 LUZ Landschaftsarchitektur

Neckarufer © 2013 LUZ Landschaftsarchitektur

Festwiese © 2013 LUZ Landschaftsarchitektur

Redesign of the inner-city Neckar riverbank, the mouth of the Zaber river and the gravel gardens.
Integration of the supra-regional Neckar valley cycle path.

Here comes together a lot: two rivers, city landscape, infrastructure park, culture nature, festival site biotope, history present, .....

With pointed, basically simple measures was achieved with little much:
Simple, restrained, simple! In individual cases also clearly, the existing quality and attractiveness of the city has been significantly increased in the sum.
Overall, the open spaces of the city as a characteristic feature are secured and further developed, also partly to the "brand Lauffen", by sociotope and biotope, shape and use, integrated into a whole.

On the gravel, through the relocation of the access road to the parking spaces, an adapted routing and maintenance and development measures on the vegetation, a festival meadow in the middle of the city and directly on the Neckar has not completely new, but has gained enormously in value, importance, generosity and possible uses.
If you will: Here the city center is a garden.

In the area of the access road, a new backdrop of trees has been built up at the edge as a spatial edge, which will have a long-term effect and will clearly and effectively shape the entire area after the gradual removal of the poplars (which had clearly passed their zenith) and bring about an enormous generosity, as well as creating a unique area in interaction with the island as a contrast.

An increase of the generosity is achieved by the spatial inclusion and the perception of the area beyond the Zaber almost up to the railway.

By clearing the tree population and lowering the banks, vistas and perceptible coherences of a space are created that is looking for its equal, but receives different areas on both sides of the Zaber.
The upgrading of the Zaber mouth and the routing via a newly built ford clearly strengthen this impression.

The strongly deepened Zaber is clearly widened. Bank protections on both sides with stone fills / stone inserts and the resulting uniform cross-sectional profile of the Zaber have been removed; steep inaccessible embankments have been significantly flattened, thus improving the experience and ecological diversity of the original ditch.

Large areas of sealing, such as in the area of the traffic training ground, have been removed and thus ecological improvements have been achieved not only in the water but also in the land area.

The project was funded by the initiative "Our Neckar" of the Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy.

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Planning offices

LUZ Landschaftsarchitektur Planungsgesellschaft mbH

Project period
2010 - 2019

rd. 3,5 ha

Stadt Lauffen am Neckar


74348 Lauffen am Neckar

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