BAUMA pitches Feldkirchen

Magerrasen in Blüte © 2009 mgk

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Baumblocks © 2009 mgk

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Blick über die Fläche © 2009 mgk

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Magerrasen in Blüte © 2009 mgk

Baumblocks © 2009 mgk

Blick über die Fläche © 2009 mgk

For the handling of the world's largest construction machinery trade fair (Bauma), Messe München GmbH required 2200 new parking spaces, which, however, are only to be used for 10 days every 3 years.
For various reasons, such as the spatial proximity and the good connection to the higher-level main transport network, the municipality of Feldkirchen was selected for the provision of space (9.2 ha).

The new parking spaces were to be ecologically self-balancing. For this reason, we developed a concept which, on the one hand, guarantees stability and, on the other hand, makes a contribution to the rough grassland network in the east of Munich due to the species composition.
The field, which had been used intensively up to then, was pushed down to the gravel in place and a rough grassland was sown on the subgrade, which forms the base layer for the car traffic. The seeds used came from corresponding donor sites in the Munich gravel plain.
The area is structured and bordered by tree islands and raised green borders, which were formed from the excavated topsoil. The tree species used (pines, oaks, lime trees and hornbeams) and the seeds belong to the species repertoire of the Munich gravel plain.

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2005 - 2011


Messe Riem


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Open spaces for business and public facilities
Traffic facilities