Rittersturz Memorial, Koblenz

Rittersturz © 2012 F. Schwaibold ja

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Gedenkstätte Rittersturz, Koblenz © Rudolf Kohns ja

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Rittersturz © 2012 F. Schwaibold ja

Gedenkstätte Rittersturz, Koblenz © Rudolf Kohns ja

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Knights' Fall Conference, the square area high above the Middle Rhine Valley was fundamentally redesigned. The character of the memorial was largely preserved, but its expression was significantly strengthened. The new design stages the memorial (Rudi Scheuermann, 1978) as the centre of the square situation without having changed it spatially. Sixteen rays of natural stone paving symbolize the federal states of the reunited Germany. Seating blocks invite visitors both to look at the monument and to enjoy the unique view over the Rhine valley and the Koblenz cityscape.

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Planning offices

Dipl.-Ing., Frank Schwaibold, freier Landschaftsarchitekt bdla

Project period
2006 - 2008

1000 m²

Stadt Koblenz
Eigenbetrieb Grünflächen und Bestattungswesen
Beatusstraße 37
56073 Koblenz

Stadtwald Koblenz
56075 Koblenz

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