Feasibility study for the IBA project Desert Oasis Welzow

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AppreciationGerman Landscape Architecture Award 2003

Jury verdict: The work goes beyond the classic field of use of recultivated post-mining landscapes and makes the condition of a filled, untreated "intermediate landscape" the starting point of a creative staging and tourist use.

A devastated, previously inaccessible area with extraordinary charms is thus no longer consciously closed to our observation, but as a contrasting alternative to usual landscapes it becomes an asset and fascination of Lusatia. The process character of the design of a desert wandering until 2040 in combination with a specially designed oasis is to be emphasized.

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Planning offices

Büro BGMR Becker Giseke Mohren Richard Landschaftsarchitekten; Büro archiscape Architekten und Landschaftsarchitekten

Further planners involved
SST – Dr. Stoll & Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft, Cottbus; B2A Unternehmensberatung, Berlin

Project period
2007 - 2007

1000 - 1200 ha

Gemeinsame Landesplanungsabteilung der Länder Berlin + Brandenburg GL9, Cottbus, in Kooperation mit der IBA Fürst-Pückler-Land, Großräschen



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Prices & Awards
German Landscape Architecture Award 2003

Project type
Tourism development and recreation planning
Regional development concepts