Old airfield Kalbach / Bonames Conversion of the former Maurice Rose Airfield heliport

Besucher © 2012 Kai Spurling GTL

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Besucher © 2012 Kai Spurling GTL

The project opens up multi-layered relations between real and experienced space. The simultaneity of the spatially concrete study of nature's development and the dynamic processual experience of landscapes in one place is for us one of the most exciting observations that can be made at the old airfield. To this day, the City of Frankfurt supports numerous events and festivals at the Old Airfield. "Landscape pilots" answer questions about nature development and use, and an extensive homepage about the park is online. Various workshops, tower cafés and green classrooms use the preserved airport buildings and initiate active use of the park; kindergartens and schools develop the areas as a nature laboratory.

First prizeGerman Landscape Architecture Award 2005

Jury verdict: The authors interpret the former US Army airport, which was used until 1992, in their own way and create a green space for leisure and recreation as part of the "GrünGürtel" (green belt) of the city of Frankfurt/Main.

In addition to large areas of asphalt that were broken up and disposed of, the vast majority of the former sealed surfaces were fractionated into different clods and grain sizes and left on site at an obviously manageable financial cost. They were integrated into the planning as important design elements. Clod fields, modelled concrete demolition and succession observation fields were created. In an unspectacular way, a wide variety of structures emerge, which will develop and, above all, change in different ways through the appropriation of the population and other influences.

The intensity of design and use decreases continuously from the direct building perimeter to the transitions into the landscape. The authors create through initial measures and simple means a diverse usable landscape space, the development of which one can look forward to.

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Stadt Frankfurt am Main

Planning offices

GTL Michael Triebswetter

Markus Gnüchtel
Roland Nagies
Klaus W. Rose

Project period
2003 - 2004

7,7 ha

Construction amount
ca. 0,9 Mio €

Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Mörfelder Landstr. 6
60598 Frankfurt/ Main

Am Burghof 55
60437 Frankfurt am Main

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Prices & Awards
German Landscape Architecture Award 2005
First prize

Project type
Parks and green spaces