Eingang zum Haus am Waldsee, Berlin-Zehlendorf mit Skulpturen von T. Cragg, rechts und M. Sailstorfer (Wartehäuschen), Fotograf JanManu, Creative Commons Lizenz 3.0

Gardens of the Berlin Museums and Galleries

Max Liebermann painted it, others have designed it. The garden has always been the noblest expression of the arts. Gardens, squares and courtyards of villas and museums offer places of contrast, beauty and regeneration in the midst of the city. Garden art, in other words.

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How do you present a sculpture? Museum experts argue - in the context of paintings of the time, in a sculpture hall? Sculptures are at their best in open spaces, for example in the sculpture garden of the Neue Nationalgalerie or the Haus am Waldsee. The garden of the Villa Liebermann is now as famous as the paintings in this garden. The Jewish Museum would be inconceivable without the garden's artistic commentary on Jewish history; the garden ensemble integrates architect Daniel Libeskind's historically charged concept and thematises individual sections.

Historical and contemporary garden art comes into its own in the context of museums and galleries, and Berlin is full of examples of this highest form of combining the creative will of nature and people.

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