Private garden, Paris

© Thomanek Duquesnoy Boemans

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© Thomanek Duquesnoy Boemans

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© Thomanek Duquesnoy Boemans

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© Thomanek Duquesnoy Boemans

© Thomanek Duquesnoy Boemans

© Thomanek Duquesnoy Boemans

Appreciation in the special prize home gardenGerman Landscape Architecture Award 2009

Jury verdict: The urban row house from the 1920s is only used temporarily by the owners. The garden essentially serves as an extension of the interior of the house to the outside.

The design is pleasing due to its reduction to the use of fewer, but high-quality materials. The polygonal natural stone slabs are convincingly framed in terms of design in the rear part of the garden by a water basin in conjunction with a wall also faced with the same natural stone slabs.

The jury praised the calm and naturalness of the design, which - without being obtrusive - reveals the outstanding conceptual achievement of the designing landscape architects.

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TDB Landschaftsarchitektur

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German Landscape Architecture Award 2009
Appreciation in the special prize home garden

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