Nordpark Plattling

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Musikschule im Nordpark © 

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The Nordpark is a former freight yard area to the north of Plattling railroad station, which has been gradually converted to a new use with a large proportion of green space and parkland in recent years. In the third section planned by us, there are striking remnants of the former use, including two impressive clinker brick railroad buildings.

The existing main path from Nordpark 2 will continue along the railroad area and wind between the meadows and the railroad to the temporary end point, an elevated viewpoint. Parallel to the railroad areas, a long lizard wall is being created to provide a permanent home for the protected reptiles on the site. Ecology and species protection thus became the guiding theme along the railroad areas.

Towards the north, towards the new music school of the district, the research center for modern mobility of the TH Deggendorf and the civic center of the city of Plattling between the listed clinker brick buildings, the design becomes more formal and architectural. Here, the campus-like character of the new urban development use is taken into account.

The vegetation will be developed in an open manner in keeping with the railroad site, with loose, site-appropriate tree populations. It contains both foreign and native tree species. In this way, the theme "Railway: connecting the known and the unknown" is taken up.

Parking spaces are organized along this access axis so that the actual park remains free of motorized traffic.

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Planning offices

BEM Burkhardt | Engelmayer | Mendel

Martin Mendel, Dipl.-Ing. LA, BYAK
Julian Ulrich, M.A. LA, BYAK
Irene Burkhardt Dipl.-Ing. LA, BYAK
Martin Spiekermann, Dipl.-Ing. Landespflege

Project period
2017 - 2020

2,5 ha

Stadt Plattling