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Landscape architecture by the sea

The 1,200 km long coastline of the German North Sea and Baltic Sea is one of the most diverse landscapes in Europe - with habitats such as the Wadden Sea, marshlands, dunes, cliffs, boddens, harbours and fjords as well as the estuaries of the major rivers.

With the Landscape Architecture by the Sea cluster, we provide an impression of this unique stretch of land and of the exciting work of landscape architects in northern German cities, villages and the open landscape.

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The requirements that landscape architects take into account in the conservation and development of maritime landscapes are as diverse as the landscapes and their uses. These requirements have to be translated in their own way into tourism and landscape planning concepts, design drafts and the monitoring of measures.

Coastal landscapes are multi-layered sites for tourism, business as well as agriculture and fishing - and the individual projects of landscape architects are just as diverse: redesigned harbour and factory sites, bathing lagoons and promenades, historical parks of maritime personalities, structures for coastal protection, renaturation and compensation measures for nature conservation.

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