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Open spaces as places of remembrance

Traces are inscribed in the landscape. Seeing on site means weaving a web of references, of memories, of expectations. To form an image. These gardens and parks make memory and remembrance a subject.

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At places steeped in history, the visitor is reminded of decisive epochs and moments through the means of landscape architecture. Often these places are associated with death and destruction, the gardens contrast with this and bear witness to civilisation. Or landscape architecture stages spaces in the sense of authentic remembrance.

The work of landscape architects on memorials and places of remembrance, also of admonition, are among the most impressive testimonies in the cityscape. And among the most complex challenges to the inventiveness and sensitivity of the designers. Do you trace history, do you reinforce the images of history that the viewer carries in his or her head? Or does one rather remember abstractly, through breaks, irritations, exclamation marks in the cityscape?

It is always about a total work of art: material, space and message must be in convincing harmony. The open spaces of remembrance are therefore impressive testimonies - and always also part and expression of the prevailing culture of remembrance.

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