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Sandra Böhnert | Landschaftsarchitektur

Dipl.-Ing. Sandra Böhnert

Buschberg 29
24161 Altenholz

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Tel. (0431)  53 63 30 40
Fax (0431)  53 63 30 41

The focus of my office SB | Landschaftsarchitetur is on object planning. As a landscape architect who has learned from scratch, I design and plan since 2010 as a freelancer outdoor facilities in the public and private sector in all phases of performance.
In public space, these are parks and squares, kindergartens and schoolyards, playgrounds and sports facilities, cemeteries and parking lots.

In addition to the public sector, I also plan for companies and private developers. From the garden design with swimming pond over the roof and facade greening, I can cover the wide spectrum of the activity areas of the landscape architect.

Apart from the pure object planning, I work in the area of landscape planning projects of the green order planning, tree cadastre and -kontollen after FFL guideline, care and development concepts, flowing water renaturation and nature protection expert opinions.
A cooperative and interdisciplinary working style with clear structure and transparency is important to me. When designing, my goal is to create an expressive open space with optimized usability at the same time. Whether modern minimalist or close to nature with great diversity every facility has its charm, if it is coherent in itself and reflects the place.

In this context, the design of living areas is especially close to my heart, what we like to call "building with green" in our professional genre. In times of climate change and insect mortality, I think it's more important than ever not to pave over areas without truth, but to create as many spaces as possible with ecosystem services. Every space, no matter how small, counts.

Partners & Network

Ich bin mit anderen Landschaftsarchitekten und weiteren Fachplanern gut vernetzt und bearbeite mit meine Kollegen auch größere Aufträge kooperativ.