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Bernd Hofmann Heike Röttgen

Speyerer Straße 123
67117 Limburgerhof

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Tel. (06236)  50948-0
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We see ourselves as a team of dedicated planners involved in the design of all types of open spaces. We want to create a liveable living and working environment by planning versatile, expressive open spaces and thus help to shape or work out the character of a place, a settlement or a housing estate.
We see the chance to come to long-term sensible solutions in the addressed areas through qualitative planning. Qualitative planning means for us
- design-aesthetic goals
- demands of future users
- economic aspects / financial possibilities and
- ecological aspects
-in a coherent concept to integrate.

It is not necessarily about elaborate open space furniture or pure greening measures. Rather, a thorough examination of the respective planning issue can often lead to simple and good solutions.
In all planning, we welcome a comprehensive planning approach that takes into account the importance of early cooperation between developers, urban planners, structural architects, other specialist planners and landscape architects.

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