RB P Landscape architecture Bauermann Otto Ludwigs

© Nikolai Benner RB+P Landschaftsarchitektur

RB+P Landschaftsarchitektur Bauermann Otto Ludwigs Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB

Dipl.-Ing. Ernst Bauermann, M. Sc. Jonas Otto, Dr.-Ing. Anja Ludwigs

Erzbergerstraße 47
34117 Kassel

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Tel. (0561)  96992-0
Fax (0561)  96992-29


The partnership works on projects in the areas of object and open space planning. Our designs are concepts of clarity and logic. A few, strong elements make a clear statement. Without appearing obtrusive.

The choice of elements, their design and their materiality result from the respective location. We create harmonious overall images and accentuate contrasts. The application and selection of elements does not follow a pattern, but is adapted to the situation.


2015 OLB Prize for Architecture and Civil Engineering - 1st place

2014 DMK Award for Sustainable Building Hesse Thuringia - Winner Category: Commercial / Public Projects

2014 11th Design Award of the Wüstenrot Foundation - Award

2013 German Architecture Award

2013 PROM of the Year - recognition in the "commercial real estate" category

2013 German Architecture Prize - Award

2013 German Natural Stone Award 2013 / German Natural Stone Award Winner - Category C: Solid building components and building in existing structures

2013 German Natural Stone Award 2013 / German Natural Stone Award Winner - Category B: Landscaping and Open Space Design

2012 DAM Prize for Architecture in Germany

2012 BDA Architecture Prize Rhineland-Palatinate - Shortlist

2009 Building the city. Live the city. National Award for Integrated Urban Development and Building Culture - Prize Category 1: Designing Cities Better

2009 Green Good Design Award - Prize

2008 The International Architecture Awards - Prize: Environment/Landscape Architecture 2009

2007 International city.people.light award - Recognition

2006 Architecture Technology Award - Distinction



Ernst Bauermann, Dipl.-Ing. Landschaftsarchitekt AKH
Jonas Otto, M. Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur AKH
Anja Ludwigs, Dr.-Ing. Landschaftsarchitektin AKH


Matthias Dümer, Dipl.-Ing. Landschaftsarchitekt AKH
Marcel Spieß, M. Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur
Martin Dietz, M. Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur
Annika Schridde, M. Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur
Raphael Schröder, B. Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur
Patricia Watolla, B. Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur
Ilka Ditzel, Dipl.-Ing. Stadtplanung
Felix Huth, M. Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur
Christina Geyer, M. Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur
Toni Kirchberg, M. Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur
Katharina Hammermann, B. Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur
Éva Sperling, Diplom-Betriebswirtin
Lucas Büscher, M. Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur
Melina Löwer, M. Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur, M.A. Raumstrategien
Julika Fischer, B. Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur
Antonina Popovych, B. Sc. Architektur
Ida Neuhann
Wigbert Riehl, Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Landschaftsarchitekt AKH

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