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freier Landschaftsarchitekt Rolf Karbach bdla

Rolf Karbach

Kurfürstenstraße 22
56068 Koblenz

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Tel. (0049261)  14538
Fax (0049261)  9141270

Our services:
Open space, play and object planning
Construction supervision
Services and consulting for civil engineers, architects. Investors, developers, private and public developers
Involvement of children and citizens in planning processes
Participation in architectural competitions.
Imagination and knowledge are the most important resources for the future.

The holistic approach is the guiding principle of my everyday planning. Interdisciplinary cooperation with a network that has grown over many years guarantees that solutions can be found that look beyond the end of one's nose.

To ensure that the result can be supported by all those involved, I involve all project and cooperation partners in the planning from the very beginning.

For me, achieving a good result means that it is based on a professionally sound foundation and that the principle of sustainability is fulfilled.

We live in a time of growth and fundamental change. I meet these demands with my readiness for lifelong learning and constant renewal. I see this as an important prerequisite for successful action and it inspires my innovative conceptions.

My planning is sustainable and future-oriented. I achieve this by taking into account and combining two important aspects: the development of people in their living environment and the careful and conscious use of the environment as a living space and livelihood.

I work client- and solution-oriented and show forward-looking alternatives and potentials.

Partners & Network

Büro IUM Petra Leischwitz, Spay,
Björnsen Beratende Ingenieure GmbH, Koblenz
CLP architecs, Koblenz,
Architekten Naujack Rind Hof GmbH, Koblenz