Terramanus Landschaftsarchitektur Manuel Sauer

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Terramanus Landschaftsarchitektur

Manuel Sauer

Paul-Kemp-Straße 7
53173 Bonn

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(02 28) 3 68 15 83
Fax ()  (02 28) 3 68 15 87


Terramanus Landscape Architecture plans residential gardens, parks and leisure facilities.
The owner Manuel Sauer is a multi-award-winning landscape architect and book author for contemporary garden architecture. Terramanus works throughout Europe.

2015 BSW Award (Gold)
2012 Taspo Award (Finalist Garden Designer of the Year)
2011 Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany (Nominee Garden Architecture)
2011 BSW Award (Gold)
2010 Red Dot Award (Winner Garden Architecture)
2010 BSW Award (Silver)
2009 BSW Award (Silver)

Before-.After Gardens - Planning Modern Garden Design the Right Way
(16 Terramanus Projects with Original Design Plans)
Publisher: Becker Joest Volk Publishers, 2nd ed. Edition 2018

Young Garden Design - Creative, Stylish, Doable
Publisher: Becker Joest Volk Verlag, 2014

Roof Terraces and Balconies - The Big Book of Ideas
Publisher: Becker Joest Volk Verlag, 2012

Visual Protection - The Big Book of Ideas
Publisher: Becker Joest Volk Verlag, 2011

Idea Book of Visual Protection
Publisher: Gräfe Unzer Verlag, 2012

Idea Book of Seating
Publisher: Gräfe Unzer Verlag, 211