LA21 Landschaftsarchitektur Dresden Marion Brod-Kilian and Annett Quaß

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LA21 Landschaftsarchitektur Dresden

Marion Brod-Kilian und Annett Quaß

Riesaer Straße 7
01129 Dresden

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Tel. (0351)  8 10 59 43
Fax (0351)  03212-8 10 59 43

Marion Brod-Kilian studied at the TU Munich-Weihenstephan, Annett Quaß at the TU Dresden.
Both have been working as landscape architects since the 1990s and have been carrying out joint projects since 2001. Since 2013 they have been running a joint office and in 2014 they joined the LA21 network, an association of currently five individual offices, for the purpose of professional exchange, the expansion of knowledge and competencies as well as the joint processing of larger projects.
The office of Marion Brod-Kilian and Annett Quaß is based in Dresden.
As landscape architects, we have many years of experience, especially with open spaces for children and young people, play and sports facilities, residential environment designs, urban squares and green spaces, but also with many areas of landscape planning, especially intervention / compensation balancing, LBP, SaP, EIA and FFH preliminary assessments and eco-account.
We are particularly concerned with the sustainable improvement of living conditions in the area of conflict between the built and natural environment and communication with future users - that means user participation where possible and desired.
Of course, we provide support throughout all phases of the HOAI, sound knowledge, efficient work and cost awareness for project planning, implementation, maintenance and care.


Freie Mitarbeit:
Lydia Scheidereit
Lara Homann
Yiting Nie

Partners & Network

Zusammenarbeit mit Architekten:
TB Architektur Thomas Bretschneider Meißen
(Arita-Grundschule Meißen, Kita Gompitzer Straße und Kita Binzer Weg, Dresden)
Architekturbüro Hauswald Meißen
(Arita-Grundschule und Franziskaneum Meißen)
TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten Dresden
(Wettbewerb Stadtwerke Leipzig, Ankauf)

Zusammenarbeit mit Verkehrsplanern:
iproplan® Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Chemnitz
(Wettbewerb Bahnhofsvorplatz Meißen, 1. Platz)

Zusammenarbeit mit Designern:
Strauchpoeten, Jens Gehrke und Johannes Knöspel
(Bürgerpark Triebischwiesen)

Zusammenarbeit mit Künstlern:
Olaf Fieber
Peter Kanis
(Arita-Grundschule und Bürgerpark Triebischwiesen Meißen, Kita Binzer Weg Dresden, Spielplatz am Kirchsteig Meißen)