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Alkewitz, Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Landschaftsarchitekt, Werner

Fischmarkt 5
99084 Erfurt

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Tel. (0361)  5616012
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Alkewitz landscape architects give nature new forms. It does not matter whether it is a matter of public open spaces or private garden spaces, whether it is a matter of large or small landscapes. Individuality plays a decisive role. Each place has different forms, but is always the starting point of our dialogue for livable and aesthetic spatial designs.

Our many years of experience make us a competent partner for your wishes and ideas. From the idea to the execution we work with the most different materials and on your goals. We want to give the landscape a different sense of space, present forms in a new way, plan with imagination and thus move and touch the viewer. Landscape and garden planning is the result of sensual action. Just: architecture in nature.

Alkewitz Landscape Architects was founded in 2003 by Dipl.-Ing. Werner Alkewitz in Erfurt and brings together a team of creative planners for individual solutions in landscape design.


Werner Alkewitz, Marietheres Stäuber, André Radestock, Timo Goebel, Dominique Goebel, Toni Gatzemeier, Christian Engelmann, Mirko Droese, Elke Böhmel-Schmidt