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BEM Burkhardt | Engelmayer | Mendel Landschaftsarchitekten Stadtplaner Part mbB

Irene Burkhardt, Landschaftsarchitekt, Stadtplaner; Oliver Engelmayer, Landschaftsarchitekt, Stadtplaner; Martin Mendel, Landschaftsarchitekt

Fritz-Reuter-Straße 1
81245 München

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Tel. (089)  8208 7859-0
Fax (089)  8208 7859-49

We are interested in linking urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture to create aesthetically, functionally and ecologically oriented integrative solutions.

We therefore work at all scales with a particular interest in fundamental issues and framework concepts, combined with intensive public relations work.

The completed projects are understood as contemporary open spaces. The essence of the location is the basis of our design concepts.

We have excellent expertise in the planning and implementation of complex construction projects. High design and technical quality are just as important to us as sound organizational and procedural support. Experienced cost management ensures the successful implementation of projects.


Alexander Abke, Anaïs Brox, Nicole Dietrich, Andrea Frank, Jessica Griesbauer, Jasmin Grubwinkler, Alice Gundermann-Werner, Lisa Hirschberger, Laura Kemptner, Nicolas Patin, Max Mayer, Mathias Rauh, Isis Shamel, Martin Spiekermann, Julian Ulrich, Stefanie Vilsmaier, Lukas Voltmer, Anna-Lena Wenger

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