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geskes.hack Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH

Christof Geskes, Kristina Hack

Danckelmannstraße 9
14059 Berlin

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Tel. (030)  76239740
Fax (030)  762397440

A special accuracy of seeing and designing spaces and places characterizes the landscape architecture from the office geskes.hack landscape architects. This precision enables a coherent harmony of plantings and terrain formations, of material, furnishings and colour moods down to the last detail.

These moods of the landscape are not an end in themselves. geskes.hack landscape architects support with their way of designing landscapes the narratives of stories that can be brought out of the place. Play plays a key role in the work of geskes.hack landscape architects in developing places into attractive places, into attractions. As this happens in a self-evident colourfulness of the landscape, geskes.hack create everyday beautiful urban and landscape spaces out of the respective situation. The skills of the landscape architects combine in the best possible way with the talents of the landscape to be emphasized in each case - whether in the karst of the Sauerland, on the shores of Lake Schwerin, on the reclaimed floodplain of the Raumbach Valley in the Vogtland or on the once monastic fish pond in the Upper Palatinate.

The talent of geskes.hack landscape architects to read a space precisely and to tell it more beautifully than ever before has been proven many times over in many successful competition entries and coherent structural implementations from the Main to the Spree. In doing so, they succeed time and again in bringing not only spatial but also temporal developments of cities and regions into the picture.