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GTL Michael Triebswetter Landschaftsarchitekt

Dipl. -Ing. Michael Triebswetter

Treppenstraße 2
34117 Kassel

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GTL Landscape Architecture has many years of experience in the planning and implementation of complex and large-scale landscapes. Numerous award-winning competition entries and international experience in project implementation set standards here.

Our planning services cover the entire spectrum of open space planning, from urban planning, representative outdoor facilities on administrative buildings to residential environment improvement in large housing estates to the design of inner-city projects such as pedestrian zones and city squares. The development of furnishings for public spaces also ensures the quality of the planning in detail.
A not insignificant part of the orders is the result of successful competition participation, also in cooperation with architects, traffic planners, designers and other specialist planners.

The focus of our work is the development of functional and spatially complex solutions in close coordination with our clients.

We have experience in the management and organization of large contracts and can implement a high level of transparency and cost security for our clients, even in multi-phase construction measures or large infrastructure projects.

In addition to pure object planning, we are also regularly involved in an advisory capacity in urban development tasks. For local and clients on state level planning was accomplished to urban development, science and university locations as well as infrastructure measures and to different science locations.

We sketch In co-operation with the manufacturers products for the external area. The development takes place in early draft phases from design to series production. The care in the implementation in detail was underlined with a recognition to the INNO 2009 - Betonsteinpreis ausgezeichneten to large-format floor slabs.
The projects are illuminated in the sense of a sustainable product use and implementation strategy in advance and implemented.


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