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birgit hammerich landschaftsarchitektin dipl.-ing.

Mühlenhof 2
31535 Neustadt a. Rbge.

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Tel. (05032)  8000200
Fax (05032)  8000205


We design open spaces

... for outdoor living
... for entrepreneurial success
... for a better quality of life in the city
Private Gardens and Open Space Design:
for spaces for outdoor living.

Property and open space design:
Open space design with water and light, corporate gardens, outdoor facilities at schools and kindergartens,therapy gardens, parks, outdoor facilities in multi-storey housing, public space design, street and square design, project development and citizen participation

Construction supervision:
tendering, object supervision and construction accounting of all planning measures, green maintenance management

garden consulting "Open Office"
individual consulting by telephone agreement
seminars: gartenkultur-werkstatt

design and design tasks for open space development in cooperation with architects and urban planners.


Dipl.-Ing. Janine Szodry, B. Eng. Elena Faber, B. Sc. Lisa Wiepking,
Marie Kolsch - Studentin, Katja Reinfeld - Grafikdesign, Büromanagement,