kübert landscape architecture

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Horst Kübert, Dipl.-Ing. FH Landschaftsarchitekt bdla Stadtplaner

Mozartstraße 17
80336 München

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Contact information

Tel. (089)  45 22 441-0
Fax (089)  45 22 441-29


We design spaces at the interface between people, architecture and nature.

Sophisticated landscape architecture is our profession. We have been planning and realizing open spaces of all sizes for twenty-five years. Our focus is on open space design for educational, research, residential and hotel buildings as well as public spaces in Germany and abroad.

Our way of working

We develop authentic landscape concepts based on the location, architecture, topography, vegetation and specific usage requirements. In doing so, we keep an eye on the feasibility of the project on schedule as well as the long-term, stable development of the facility. We value creative solutions that are economically and ecologically well thought out.

Our spectrum

We design open spaces for private and public clients. We also support local authorities with urban and land-use planning.


Horst Kübert
Dipl.-Ing. FH Landschaftsarchitekt bdla / Stadtplaner

Ruth von Heißen
Dipl.-Ing. FH Landschaftsarchitektur

Christoph Straß
B.Eng. Landschaftsbau & Management, byika

Moritz Bader
Cand. B.Eng. Landschaftsarchitektur

Sachinkumar Beladiya
M.Eng. Landscape Architecture

Javier Ciancas
Arquitecto (TU Madrid)

Jochen Eckert
Dipl.-Ing. Landschaftsarchitekt

Franziska Fandré
Dipl.-Ing. FH Landschaftsarchitektin bdla

Heike Grasenhiller
Cand. B.Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur

Miriam Häring
B.Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur und -planung

Uwe Hahn
Dipl.-Ing. FH Landschaftsarchitekt bdla

Elke Heilmann
Dipl.-Ing. (TU) Landschaftsarchitektin

Matan Hellenkamp
B.Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur

Sin Yee Ho
M.Eng. Landschaftsarchitektur

Ana Martos Bares
Arquitecta (TU Sevilla)

Thomas Pröwrock
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Landschaftsarchitekt

Anna Rosenberger
M.A. Landschaftsarchitektin

Anet Scherling
M.Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur

Armin Sorgen
Dipl.-Ing. Architekt

Sarah Tagsold
M.A. Landschaftsarchitektin

Niusha Vedadi
Cand. M.Sc. Landschaftsarchitektur
M. Sc. Stadtplanung

Maren Ziegler
Dipl.-Ing. Architektur/Landschaftsarchitektur