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L-A-E Ehrig GmbH

Ehm Eike Ehrig

Marderweg 23
33689 Bielefeld

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Awarded the Future Prize of the North Rhine-Westphalian LandscapeArchitecturePrize 2022 for climate adaptation planning as part of the maintenance and development concept for the Minden glacis facilities

Find out more at: https://www.l-a-e.de/pressespiegel/artikel/120-klimaschutz-und-anpassung-an-die-folgen-des-klimawandels-in-historischen-stadtquartieren/

L-A-E plans parks and green spaces, creates garden and open space designs. For local authorities and investors, we develop visionary open spaces and open space planning concepts for dealing with climate change.

L-A-E sets the tone:

Our planning office specializes in three central areas of landscape architecture: object planning, garden monument preservation, climate adaptation planning.

L-A-E stands for integrative landscape architecture:

The office always starts from the resources of a location, which means that we develop sustainable plans and concepts from the existing structures. We set accents with water features, bridges and small-scale architecture in steel construction and unusual planting plans.

L-A-E realizes sophisticated construction projects in the field of object planning and innovative concepts and expert opinions in the field of garden monument preservation and climate adaptation planning. Our clients value our expertise and constructive cooperation.

L-A-E has also been officially certified by myclimate as a CO2 sustainable company since 2020.

Do you have questions about a project or construction project? - Please get in touch with us directly. We will be happy to advise you personally.

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