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LATZ+PARTNER Landschaftsarchitektur Stadtplanung Architektur Partnerschaft mbB

Tilman Latz, Iris Dupper

Ampertshausen 6
85402 Kranzberg

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Tel. (+49 8166)  6785-0
Fax (+49 8166)  678533

.....Look closely, listen carefully, perceive with all your senses - work creatively, go against the grain, think things through several times and sometimes question what has already been decided.....

For us, planning and designing means looking for the simple in order to achieve the special; it means leaving well-trodden paths in order to find and invent new elements and robust structures that are durable and can be interpreted in many ways and are timeless in their materialisation. It means working across disciplines to achieve conceptual depth. It also means letting the process of approaching the task begin best spontaneously on site.
We understand technical and natural systems, culture and nature as one. A new understanding of the environment shaped by humans allows us to resolve apparent contradictions, to renew spaces ecologically and to develop sustainable strategies for doing so.

....Transforming the idea of nature and society into spatial quality, connecting the shape and expression of place with sounds, scents, warmth or coldness, developing our own stories from collective experience and individual experience......

For 25 years, our office in Kranzberg has been a place of inspiration; rooms made of wood and glass, in a rural landscape, close to the big city and its infrastructure. Here we experiment, plan and design for clients from Germany and abroad, often in close collaboration with well-known architects and engineers.
The scope of our projects ranges from large-scale structural and development planning to the design of smaller and larger open spaces in the public and private sectors. Our office gained a high degree of recognition for the successful revitalization of post-industrial landscapes. These are long-term processes which - together with the citizens - step by step transform a negative image into high esteem.