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RMP Stephan Lenzen Landschaftsarchitekten, Einzelfirma

Stephan Lenzen

Klosterbergstraße 109
53177 Bonn

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Tel. (0228)  952570
Fax (0228)  321083


With our landscape architecture we seek the beauty of living nature. My urge to stage the "architectural in the landscape" is based on the realization that purposeful changes in the natural enhance the qualities of our cultural landscapes. As planners, my team and I work with people's longings for nature, tranquillity and stability - modified images of the "return of the garden". This especially in a variety of ways in the city, because urban public open space significantly determines our daily lives.
The future demands "Sustainable Urban Landscapes". With these, we strive for a balance of diverse criteria: Identity, beauty, usability and user acceptance. Each individual building plays an important role. But only the whole makes the proverbial more - living space promoting "synergies of object and environment". For me, landscape architecture is not so much art, but rather the congenial merging of creative engineering with horticultural craftsmanship.