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grün + raum

Kerstin Liesecke - Jens Martins

Rühmkorffstraße 1
30163 Hannover

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Tel. (0511)  858066
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The main focus of our office is the planning of public and private open spaces, from consultation and user participation through conception, design and construction management to the finished object. Our aim is to combine the design quality and usability of outdoor facilities, taking into account today's conditions, history and the special features of the location, to create a mature, versatile and appealing whole. The adherence to the cost framework and the time schedule as well as a technically flawless implementation are self-evident goals for us.

- Outdoor facilities for children (playgrounds, schools, KITAs, ........)
- Green spaces for all user groups (parks, squares, green corridors, ...........)
- Historical green and garden facilities (monastery gardens, historical parks, ........)
- Private house gardens and residential complexes
- Open space and recreation concepts for municipalities and cities
- Concepts for improving the living and playing environment
- Expert opinions on the history of garden art and garden monument preservation.
- Nature conservation expertises and planning (green space plans, landscape conservation plans,
- environmental and landscape image expertises)


Kerstin Liesecke
Jens Martins