LUZ Landschaftsarchitektur Planungsgesellschaft mbH


LUZ Landschaftsarchitektur Planungsgesellschaft mbH

Christof Luz

Dinkelstraße 40
70599 Stuttgart

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Contact information

Tel. (0711)  4687030
Fax (0711)  4687031

Better to do a little and do it right.
Smartly allocating scarce resources, simple but not simplistic,
stable and durable, generous, restrained,
improving over time, sustainable
-these are the essential characteristics of our work.

Our team's expertise, experience, reliability
help our clients along the way.

Main fields of work:
Property planning | Garden shows | Development concepts, urban planning | Design of traffic structures | Maintenance concepts | Green space planning |Temporary events, installations | Competitions

All work phases according to HOAI §§ 23, 24, 39, 47


Landschaftsarchitekten | AIP
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) und B.Eng. | Fachrichtung Landschaftsarchitektur, Landschaftsplanung

Partners & Network

Projektbezogene Kooperationen mit externen Beratern und Spezialisten.
Zusammenarbeit mit bildenden Künstlern.