CATTANEO | SCHÜPPEL urban desing



Matteo Cattaneo, Steffi Schüppel

Einsiedler Hauptstraße 170 A
09123 Chemnitz

Contact information

Tel. (+49)  37209 183399
Fax (+49)  32 221739414

We are an office for urban planning and landscape architecture based in Germany and Italy, founded in 2011.

We understand urban planning and landscape architecture as disciplines that aim to conserve and optimize resources. In our function as planners, we see it as our task to first listen, interpret and clarify needs.

In our design process, we focus on simplicity and effectiveness. We plan and design with sustainability in mind. Our projects focus on nature and people. Wherever possible, we also want the people we design for to participate in the design process.

Identity is a priority for us. With our projects we aim to maintain or redevelop identity, to give new value to spaces with their natural or cultural features, to create living places that encourage people to make these spaces their own in their own way.

From private gardens to public open spaces such as squares and parks, to strategic planning for residential neighbourhoods and spatial strategic concepts, we offer bespoke projects at all levels. We cooperate with numerous other professionals and value direct and open communication. Our expertise in team and project management is incorporated into all phases of work.

Sharing knowledge and learning from others is of great importance to us. We believe that it is important to be in constant communication with professional colleagues in our own and neighbouring disciplines, at events, through our involvement in the professional association as well as through cooperation with universities. We see education as central to our professional development and inspiration.