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Siegmund und Winz Landschaftsarchitekten Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB

Ilse Siegmund, Holger Winz

Friedrichstraße 46
72336 Balingen

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Tel. (07433)  9555499

We enjoy working on high-quality design projects that give us the opportunity to create livable outdoor spaces for people.

As quality planning is always created through interaction, a trusting and close working relationship with clients, planning partners and architects is very important to us. Working together on a project, in addition to complementing competencies, is always a personal enrichment.

In all projects, we pursue the goal of finding sustainable solutions under ecological and economic aspects. A special concern for us is to plan facilities that function well in the long term. We pay great attention to durable plantings and the selection of durable materials.


Ilse Siegmund, Holger Winz, Sabine Clauß, Carina Fuhrmann, Monique Huhn, Claudia Hudjetz, Madeleine Hafner

Partners & Network

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Dr. Schäfer, Stuttgart
Peter Czerwenka, Albstadt
Karl-Heinz Wössner, Balingen
Ingenieurbüro Mayer, Meßstetten
Martina Hörmann Streuobstinitiative
Reiner Götz, Stuttgart
Atelier Dreiseitl, Überlingen
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